Episode 7: William Archila on the Flicker of ThoughtListen now (27 min) | “Northern Triangle Dissected” and the psychological journeys of Central American minors seeking asylum
Episode 6: CM Burroughs on Not Being GentleListen now (16 min) | In three “Dear Liver” poems, a grieving sister demands response
Episode 5: Amanda Gunn’s Forensic ImaginationListen now (15 min) | Love, grief, and rhyme in “What You Meant”
Gregory Kan and the Mysterious Human BrainListen now (15 min) | Withholding and world-building in poetry
Cats and Bear Traps with Mikko HarveyListen now (16 min) | It’s Multi-Verse Episode 3! We hope the animals are not offended.
Multi-Verse Episode 2! Wendy Xu’s Agitated Bouquet of IdeasListen now (23 min) | Revision and randomized arrangement in “A Sound Not Unlike a Bell”
A New Poetry Podcast by Evangeline Riddiford GrahamListen now (10 min) | In Episode 1 of Multi-Verse, poet Erika Meitner discusses her lyric investigation into sea level rise